3 Holidays in a Week and Work From Home in Punjab

The Lahore High Court expressed serious concerns about the province’s ongoing increase in smog and the Punjab Government’s failure to control it while hearing petitions against the ongoing smog in Punjab regarding 3 Holidays in a Week.
The Lahore High Court bench proposed during the hearing that all public and private schools and colleges in the Province would have three consecutive days off.

According to LHC Judge Justice Shahid Kareem, it appears that the Punjab Government is not serious about enforcing strict measures to curb smog in the Province.

 3 Holidays in a Week and Work From Home in Punjab Smog in Pakistan eduandjobz.com

The bench also considered mandating that all public-private businesses in Punjab permit employees to work remotely. The Lahore High Court took into account these precautionary measures to safeguard the populace from smog-related illnesses.

Justice Shahid instructed the attorneys to consult the relevant provincial ministries and to update the court on the next hearing regarding the closure of educational institutions and the adoption of work-from-home policies by all businesses.

The LHC bench also emphasised that the Punjab Government should take serious action and hire international environmentalists in order to control the smog situation in the Province. Every year, the smog issue worsens, and the previous administration did nothing noteworthy to address it.

It was anticipated that the work-from-home policy  implemented in both public and private firms, and that all educational institutions in Punjab receive three days of weekly vacation time provided the necessary government bodies and ministries approved LHC considerations.

The smog issue in Punjab has been worse over the last few years. The main causes of the somg are nitrogen oxides from auto exhaust, coal power plants, and farmer crop burning.

3 Holidays in a Week and Work From Home in Punjab –

 3 Holidays in a Week and Work From Home in Punjab Lahore smog eduandjobz.com

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