765000 Educated Youngsters left Pakistan for Employment In 2023

Pakistan is facing a crisis as its educated youth are leaving the country for better employment opportunities. According to ARY News, documents of the Bureau of Immigration show that due to current political instability and lack of jobs and merit, more than 765000 educated youngsters have left Pakistan in recent years.

The report reveals that young people from across Pakistan are choosing to leave their homeland in search of greener pastures elsewhere. The number of individuals with higher qualifications has significantly risen compared to previous years, with more professionals emigrating every year. The reasons behind this trend attributed to economic and social problems such as poverty, unemployment, insecurity and limited job prospects for the new generation 765000 Educated Youngsters left Pakistan. It is also believed that families are pushingtheir children to seek employment abroad out of fear that they won’t be able to get a job at home.

765000 Educated Youngsters left Pakistan for Employment In 2023

This mass exodus is having serious effects on Pakistan’s economy and society, as the country is losing important resources and talent. The government has not taken enough measures to stop this trend or provide incentives for educated youngsters to stay in their homeland.

The situation can only reversed if there are opportunities for young people to find meaningful work within the country. There needs to be more investment in education, technology and job creation initiatives so that qualified young people can remain in Pakistan and contribute towards its development. It also essential that safety, security and living standards improved that individuals feel

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