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New positions are advertised in Career Opportunities at the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives’ China Pakistan Economic Corridor Support Project. One of the initiatives between China and Pakistan that has changed the game is CPEC Jobs 2023 China.

The CPEC Authority rewards its staff with competitive pay and other perks. Everyone, whether young and old, is urged to submit an online application for CPEC jobs 2023. Posts are becoming available in the CPECSP (China Pakistan Economic Corridor Support Project). Only professionals who satisfy the qualifying requirements outlined in the career announcement may submit an application.

Details of CPEC Jobs 2023 China Pakistan

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CPEC Jobs 2023 China Pakistan Advertisement

CPEC Jobs 2023 China Pakistan Economic Corridor – cpec.gov.pk

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China Pakistan Economic Corridor Introduction

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a regional connectivity structure. Iran, Afghanistan, the Central Asian Republic, and the region will all gain from CPEC in addition to China and Pakistan. A region that is well connected and integrated will have improved road, rail, and air transportation systems, frequent and unrestricted exchanges of growth and people-to-people contact, increased understanding through academic, cultural, and regional knowledge and culture, activity of higher volume trade and business flow, production and movement of energy to have more advantageous businesses, and increased cooperation through win-win models.

In worldwide world, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is step toward economic regionalization. 
It established the principles of win-win situations, growth, and peace.
With peace, advancement, and economic prosperity, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor offers promise for better future for that area.

CPEC Vision & Mission:

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a proposed network of roads, railways and ports that will connect the western Chinese province of Xinjiang with the southern Pakistani province of Sindh. The corridor is envisioned to provide regional economic integration and facilitate cross-border trade and investment. CPEC Vision & Mission:

The CPEC Vision is to build a comprehensive, integrated network of roads, railways and ports that will create new opportunities for trade, investment and cooperation between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Pakistan, contributing to regional development. The CPEC Mission is to promote connectivity, develop infrastructure and support economic growth in the region.

Vacant Position:

  • Project Director
  • Senior Specialist Energy
  • Senior Specialist Connectivity
  • Senior Specialist Investment
  • Senior Specialist Socio-Economic
  • Senior Specialist IT & Science
  • Senior Specialist Media
  • Senior Specialist Maritime
  • Visas Specialist
  • Interpreter

How To Apply?

  • Candidates who are interested can submit their applications online at https://cpec.gov.pk/career.
  • On the official website, registration will begin on December 26th, 2022.


CPEC is the target of criticism and resistance due to a multitude of regional and global geopolitical realities. At one level, the United States and China compete with one another for influence. At a another level, India and China do the same.
By constructing an economic corridor that encourages bilateral connection, construction, exploration of possible bilateral investment, economic and trade, logistics, and people-to-people contacts for regional connectivity, the lives of the people of Pakistan and China would be improved.
According to Pakistani officials, the CPEC would increase the country’s yearly economic growth by 2 to 2.5 percentage points and lead to the creation of up to 2.3 million new employment between 2015 and 2030. By 2022, it had improved Pakistan’s export and development capabilities and was contributing one-fourth of the nation’s power.
How can Pakistan benefit from CPEC?
The growth of skilled Labour is one of the potential advantages of CPEC projects for Pakistan. 
Plans must be created to determine the long-term workforce needs for the CPEC projects’ operating and construction phases.
Three phases were intended to be used to finish CPEC. 
The primary economic barriers, mainly energy and infrastructure, were eliminated during the first phase of CPEC. 
The present phase focuses on industry, agricultural cooperation, socioeconomic growth, business promotion, and development consolidation.
Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood Advisor to Prime Minister for Commerce & Investment
CPEC is project that will take at least 15 years to complete in stages.


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