Exams Emergency from December 5 in all South Punjab Schools

Exams Emergency from December For secondary and higher secondary students enrolled in any South Punjab school, the School Education Department South Punjab has issued a notification regarding tests that must be taken immediately. The tough grade-9 scores in the 2022 annual results have the South Punjab department of education very concerned.

Through the assistance of industry specialists in education, the department of education thoroughly examined the reasons for the poor performance. The department is glad to impose an exam mandate starting on December 5 until the conclusion of examinations in April and May 2023 in all South Punjab Schools Exams Emergency from December in order to make up for the deficiencies from the previous year and to improve the matriculation and Intermediate scores.

Exams Emergency from December 5 in all South Punjab Schools

All Chief Executive Officers of DEA South Punjab instructed to adhere to the following guidelines and plans in light of the exam emergency.

  • The CEO and DEA should create plans for carrying out and supervising the December testing.
  • Perform a subject-by-subject analysis of the students’ test results from December.
  • Tasks during the winter break assigned based on the results of diagnostic exams performed in December.
  • Before the winter break, a follow-up continuous test schedule from January to March announced.
  • Subject teachers should create individual profiles for each student to keep track of their progress.
  • In order to regularly update parents and students on progress, head teachers will set up feedback mechanisms.
  • The CEO notify students at suitable intervals about subject-specific mock exams that administered twice before the start of the Board exams, in April for Matric students and in mid-May for Intermediate students.

All CEOs informed that BISE has switched the pattern policy for MCQs and long questions from textual material to SLOs for conceptual learning. The weighting for knowledge-based questions in 2023 will be 50%, followed by understanding questions at 35%, and application questions at 15%.

To prepare understanding and application-level exams in accordance with the BISE pattern by December, a team of assessment experts create an item bank for all subjects that developed at the district level.

The goal of the exam emergency in all South Punjab Schools is to raise student performance and identify the root causes of the disappointing annual results that  just released in 2022.

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