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The Central Superior Service (CSS) Result 2023 Written Part is anticipated to be released by the Federal Public Service Commission on December 1, 2022, in the evening, according to the news. As soon as the FPSC releases the results, candidates can check their CSS Written Part Result 2022 online at www.fpsc.gov.pk/results.

Check FPSC CSS Result 2023 Written Part

Check here in below your CSS Result 2023 Written part

FPSC CSS Result 2022 Written Part Check Online eduandjobz.com
Candidates who took the CSS written test are informed that the FPSC will probably disclose the results of the written portion of the test on December 1, 2023, in the evening. We’ll update this page as soon as the FPSC releases the results. On March 7, 2023, the results of the CSS Mcqs-based Preliminary Test MPT for earlier candidates who had registered for the tests were released. For the CSS MPT Result 2023, go here.
After passing the MPT exam, the candidates showed up for the written exam. The written test result for CSS for 2023 has now been released.

What is FPSC CSS Result 2023 CSS in Pakistan

The Central Superior Services is a permanent elite civil service authority, and the civil service is in charge of managing the government secretariats, directorates. the bureaucratic operations for the Pakistani Cabinet. On all issues pertaining to the civil service, the prime minister is the final decision-maker.

What Jobs can get after Passing CSS Exam

Candidates can find employment in the following industries after completing the entire CSS exam.

  • Foreign Service of Pakistan
  • Information Group
  • Commerce and Trade Group.
  • Inland Revenue Service
  • Office Management Group
  • Pakistan Administrative Service
  • Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  • Inland Revenue Service
  • Military Lands and Cantonments Group.

Required Qualification for CSS in Pakistan

In general, a bachelor’s degree with at least a second division from any university recognized by HEC, whether it be one in Pakistan or abroad, is required to apply for CSS. Candidates must take the MPT, an Mcqs-based Preliminary Test, after registering.

FPSC CSS Result 2023

The CSS written test results for 2023  made public upon announcement and made available on the Federal Public Service Commission website at www.fpsc.gov.pk. The applicants who successfully completed the written examination will be informed of the next round of selection, which typically entails an interview, psychological evaluation, viva voce, and medical examination.

Each year, hundreds of individuals register for competitive tests, but only 200–300 of them advance to the final round of selection. CSS is one of the most difficult tests in Pakistan. Only 2.11% of candidates who took the CSS competitive exam in 2021 passed. See the statistics for the CSS Competitive Examination 2021 below.

  • Candidates applied for CSS Exams 2021: 39650
  • Candidates appeared for Exams: 17240
  • Candidates passed in Written Exams: 364
  • Pass percentage w.r.t appeared Candidates: 2.11 %

Officer Salary in Pakistan

After passing the written exam, medical exam, interview, and viva, candidates appointed in BPS-17 and taken into consideration as CSS Officers. A Grade 17 Officer’s base salary is Rs. 30370. The total pay for a BPS-17 Officer is Rs. 60596/- after adding additional government benefits like the house allowance, medical allowance, conveyance allowance, and seven ad hoc allowances.

But it’s crucial to remember that each government agency has its own allowances, which might push up salaries even more. The CSS offers the top 10 applicants the opportunity to select the department of their choice.

CSS Interview Questions

One of the challenging portions of the competitive exam is the CSS Interview. Although we are unsure of the exact questions the interviewing panel will ask, it is typical for them to inquire about your academic history and the subjects you chose for the Written Test as their first line of inquiry.

A typical interview will begin with a general introduction, followed by questions about your hobby, likes and dislikes, favorite countries and cities, and—most importantly—the city in which you currently reside. It is crucial for applicants to get ready for these types of questions.

Some of the questions ask you during the interview  designed to assess your personality, attitude, mentality, and prior experiences. We include a few typical inquiries that used to assess your personality and mentality.

  • Which of your major weaknesses (If you want to respond favorably, you might add that I double-check your work to ensure accuracy and that it takes time.)
  • Why did you quit your prior position? (Reply favorably by saying that you want to grow in the future and get better opportunities.)
  • Do you ever feel defeated by life?
  • Have you ever experienced injustice?
  • when parents ought to discipline their kids?
  • How you will react if a member of your staff makes an error while performing office duties?

FPSC CSS Result 2022 Written Part Check Online

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