Google Releases The Most Popular Pakistani YouTube Ads of 2023

Google has released the list of most popular Pakistani YouTube ads of 2023. The list features a wide range of advertisements from established and emerging brands, offering a comprehensive overview of the top campaigns that are driving engagement across YouTube in Pakistan.

From beauty to banking, every industry featured this list — making  essential resource for marketers looking  get inspired and create compelling content.

The number one spot on the list goes to Ufone’s “Utho Jago Pakistan” campaign with its catchy music video featuring popular artist Ali Zafar. It followed by Jazz’s “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai” advertisement and Telenor’s “Aur Kya Chahiye” campaign.

Other entries on the list include the Telelife ad that had a catchy jingle, Nestle’s ‘Mera Bachpan’ campaign with its heartwarming visuals and PTCL’s powerful ‘Smart Link’ advertisement. Other notable campaigns featured in the top 10 include Warid Telecom’s ‘Sab Say Pehlay Pakistan’ spot and Olpers’ ‘Har Din Barha Do’.

These ads have been extremely successful in terms of reach and engagement — proving just how effective YouTube is for reaching audiences across Pakistan. It’s clear that brands are recognizing the potential of YouTube as an advertising

Google Releases The Most Popular Pakistani YouTube Ads of 2023

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These Are The Most Popular Pakistani YouTube Ads of 2023

According to Ipsos research, YouTube is the most popular online video streaming service among millennials in Pakistan, reaching 80% of those who are active online and live in major cities. Another study by Kantar TNS found that 73 percent of online Pakistanis watch YouTube on a monthly basis. Let’s take a look at the top YouTube advertisements.

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Key Trends from This Leaderboard

  1. Made for digital:YouTube provides brands and agencies with a creative canvas, giving them as much or as little time as they need, in contrast to the offline world space and time are constrained. YouTube ads give room for creativity to flow as the story demands.
  2. YouTube works alongside TV:The majority of consumers simultaneously watch TV and YouTube content. Advertisers should adopt a digital budget that supports their TV strategy rather than viewing video as an either-or choice. Many Pakistanis now use YouTube to research products and services, compare them, and talk about them with others before making a purchase. Businesses must be present where customers are in critical moments if they are to succeed.
  3. Millennials spend time on YouTube:The majority of Youtube advertisements target millennials,  the leaderboard dominated by ads with strong female leads. Users of YouTube interact socially, watching content together and sharing videos with one another.

These popular advertisements and branded content serve as a reminder of the incredible ingenuity still present in Pakistan’s advertising sector today. These movies demonstrate that a successful mix includes both modern technology and the craft of storytelling. According to Farhan Qureshi, Regional Head at Google Asia Pacific, “YouTube offers a creative canvas to tell stories that resonate with consumers in whatever shape best fits them.


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