Governor House Lahore Jobs 2023 Application Form Download

Governor House Lahore Jobs 2023 is inviting applications for hiring Cleaners, Mali, Sanitary Workers, and Misalchi. The Governor’s House Lahore seeks Literate and Skilled individuals to fill these positions. Interested candidates are required to complete the Governor House Lahore Jobs 2023 Application Form which can be downloaded from here.

The Governor’s House Lahore Jobs 2023 Application Form must include a candidate’s Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Educational Documents, Domicile, Experience, CNIC Number and recent photographs. Incomplete application forms or those submitted after the given deadline will not be accepted by Governor’s House Lahore for processing.

Candidates should submit their completed Governor’s House Lahore Jobs 2023 Application Form along with the necessary documents to Governor’s House Lahore before the given deadline.

We at Governor’s House Lahore wish all applicants good luck in their job search! For further information and updates, please continue visiting Governor’s House Lahore official website or download our application for the latest updates. Thank you!

Details of Governor House Lahore Jobs 2023

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Governor House Lahore Jobs 2023 Application Form Download

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Vacant Positions:

  • Cleaners
  • Mali
  • Misalchi
  • Sanitary Workers

Governor House Lahore Pakistan Introduction:

The Governor House in Lahore, Pakistan is a magnificent example of colonial architecture. Governor House has an impressive red-brick façade and intricate turrets that make it a distinctive landmark in the city. Described as one of the most beautiful buildings in Lahore, Governor House is home to Governor Punjab’s official residence and office. The building also serves as a center for hosting important state events. Inside the Governor House, there are exquisite reception halls and opulent rooms decorated with handcrafted furniture, carpets, and chandeliers – all of which showcase its grandeur and sophistication.

Governor House Lahore OFFICES WING

Governor House Lahore OFFICES WING
The Governor House is the official residence of the Governor of Punjab. It is located at Block 11, Gulberg III, Lahore and was built in 1906. The present building has five wings: an eastern wing with a two-storied guardhouse; a southern wing; a western wing; a northern wing and an attic.

The Governor House comprises residential apartments for the governor’s household, offices for the civil servants under his control, guesthouses for visiting dignitaries and servants’ quarters. The basement houses the State Guest Library which has about 130,000 volumes. There are also tennis courts and a swimming pool on site.

How To Apply?

Are you looking for an exciting job opportunity in Governor House Lahore? Look no further! The Governor House Lahore is now accepting applications for positions in 2023.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities and a diverse workplace that values hard work, integrity, and respect. We are seeking talented individuals who share our commitment to excellence and public service.

To apply for a position at the Governor House Lahore, please follow these steps:

  1. Read through all the job descriptions carefully and make sure you meet the qualifications, skills, or experience required for each role.
  2. Compile your CV/resume along with other relevant documents like educational certificates or any other professional qualification record
  3. Submit your application through the online form, or send it via email to the address provided (if applicable).
  4. Keep track of your points earned during the selection process to ensure that you meet the minimum required score needed for your desired role
  5. Attend any interviews that you are invited to and answer questions honestly.
  6. Follow up with the hiring team for feedback if necessary.


Who lives in Governor House Lahore?

Governor House Lahore is the official residence of the Governor of Punjab.  The current governor of Punjab is Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman.. Governor House Lahore has a staff of about 200 people including secretaries, assistants, cooks, drivers and cleaners.

Who is the governor of Lahore in 2023?

Shah Nawaz Khan is the governor of Lahore.

Who built Governor House Lahore?

Lt. Fagan completed the building’s construction while Sir Henry Lawrence was present to oversee it. First to live in the newly built home was Deputy Commissioner Mr. Boring, followed by Deputy Commissioner MacGregor. It is a historical monument and an impressive building. Governor House Lahore is a popular tourist destination.

Which is the most posh area in Lahore?

Governor House is one of the most prestigious areas in Lahore. It is home to many important personalities and businesses. The area is also very safe and peaceful. Anyone who wants to live in a luxurious area should consider living in Governor House.


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