How to get Salary Slip Online in 2022

For all those who work in the public sector, getting salary slips online is a great way to access their income statements. It is easy and convenient for these employees to retrieve their salary slips from the government’s website. This article provides an overview of how one can get salary slip online.

The process begins by visiting the official website of the government and navigating to their employee portal. There, you will find a link that says “Salary Slip” or something similar along with instructions on how to generate your own salary slip. Once you click on this link, it will take you through the steps necessary for generating your own personalised salary slip online. You may need to enter some basic information such as your name, address, contact number etc., before you can proceed further with this process.

Get Government Employee salary slip online via email

Is it possible to obtain a government employee’s pay stub online by email address? Yes, government workers may now simply see their monthly pay stubs online via their email addresses. This online wage slip system is accessible to government employees. If you work for a private company, make sure to request a copy of your pay stub from your employer. Most private businesses have internet connections and can check all payment details online.

How to get Government Employee salary slip online via email address?

  • After registering on the PIFRA slip, an employee can see their online pay stubs, which are given by PIFRA for government employees.
  • Launch the PIFRA salary registration web form and fill in all the required information, including your CNIC number, birthdate, and mobile number.
  • Launch the PIFRA salary registration web form and fill in all the required information, including your CNIC number, birthdate, and mobile number.

To obtain a government employee salary slip online via email address, employees must comply with the aforementioned three steps. I will go into detail about these steps as well, but first I would like to know more about salary slips before I get into the details of the steps above.

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What is a salary slip?

An employee can find all the information they require about their monthly payments on their wage slip. The employer gives the employee a paper or online copy of their pay stubs. It contains all information pertaining to the monthly salary of the employee, including pay deductions, bonuses, and allowances. It contains the name, logo, address, and names and positions of all employees of the company or institution. The following information  seen on all pay stubs.

Gross pay in Pakistani Rupees

Annual employee tax on all benefits

All Allowances

Medical Allowance

Travel Allowance

All Deductions


Why does an Employee Need salary slips?

Each employee must get a copy of their pay stub from their company. Before anything else, the employee can get additional information about the terms of their base pay and other benefits. Second, the pay stub serves as proof of employment and is necessary for a number of other purposes. Last but not least, if you want to open a bank account or get a loan from the bank, you can use the pay slip as proof. Therefore, it’s crucial to request a pay stub from the employer,  is also required to give one  the employee. Let’s now talk about the aforementioned actions.

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How to get Government employee salary slip online using PIFRA?

PIFRA, which stands for Project to Improve Financial Reporting & Auditing, is a government programme that offers pay stubs to workers associated with any department of the Pakistani government. This programme created by SAP (Systems Applications and Products).

How to make an account on PIFRA? 

  • First, use a computer or a mobile web browser to go to PIFRA’s website at the following address.
  •  Now the PIFRA registration slip will open.

How to get Salary Slip Online in 2022

  • On your screen, a form will show up. Fill out all the required fields.
  • The government code, which is at the top of the form, must be filled out first.
  • The following is a list of the codes that can be found on the official PIFRA website.

How to get Salary Slip Online in 2022

  • Enter your email address twice to get started.
  • Press Enter after entering a valid email address.

You will now see a message stating that your registration has been verified and that you will receive an email at the end of each month containing a copy of your pay stub.

Urdu instructions about filling out PIFRA Registration Form


How to get Salary Slip Online in 2022


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