How to Join Pakistan Army After Matric in 2023

Are you looking to join Pakistan Army after Matric in 2023? Well, you are at the right place. Joining the Pakistan Army as an officer is a dream come true for many Pakistani youngsters and there are certain criteria to be eligible for the position.

To join Pakistan Army after matric, candidates must have passed their matriculation exams in 2021 with a minimum of 50% marks or above. Furthermore, they must be within the age range of 17-22 years old by 31 December 2022. Those who meet these requirements are then required to appear for the ISSB (Initial Security Services Board) tests which include physical and psychological screening tests followed by interviews. In order to pass these tests and get through them successfully,

How to Join Pakistan Army After Matric in 2023

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Join Pak Army After Matric

You satisfy the specific application requirements for each field in the Pakistani army in order taken into consideration. You will also discover the career alternatives available to you when you apply to the army following matriculation.

  • Join Pak Army As Soldier

How to Join Pakistan Army After Matric in 2023

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Joining the Pakistan Army as a Soldier is an honor and a privilege that comes with great responsibility. To join the Pak Army, you must meet certain criteria.

Gender: Male

Age: 17-23 years

Height: 5’6’’

Criteria for Soldier:

The Criteria for becoming a Soldier in the Pak Army are as follows:

– You must be a Pakistani citizen;

– You passed Matriculation or higher education;

–  complete at least 16 years of age;

– Your height less than 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm); and

– Gender: Male citizens only can apply for this post.

Those wishing to become Soldiers in the Pak Army will also need to pass physical and psychological tests conducted by the army’s recruitment officers.

Once you have met all the criteria and successfully passed the tests, you will be ready to join the Pak Army. Serving in the Pakistan Army as a Soldier is an honor and a privilege that comes with great responsibility. Good luck on your journey!How to Join Pakistan Army

  • Apply For Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS)

How to Join Pakistan Army After Matric in 2023

The Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS) is a unique and rewarding career opportunity for those looking to pursue a career in nursing. The AFNS provides its members with access to world-class medical facilities, specialized training, and the chance to serve their country.

To apply for the Armed Forces Nursing Service, you must possess either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from an accredited institution and have passed the NCLEX-RN exam. You must also be legally eligible to work in the United States. Additional requirements include passing physical fitness tests, completing drug testing, and obtaining security clearances.

  • Minimum 60% marks in Matric with Biology
  • Minimum 50% marks in FSC Pre Medical
  • Unmarried Female / Separated Divorcee/widow
  • Pakistani National
  • Height: 5’2”
  • Weight: As per Body Mass Index (BMI)

If you need assistance joining the Pak army as an AFNS, visit the official Pak army website. If you satisfy these criteria for the Armed Forces Nursing Service, you may submit an application anytime you see the advertising.

  • Apply For Civilian jobs in Pakistan Army

The Pakistan Army offers a variety of opportunities for civilian employment. Civilians are employed to fill roles in areas such as administration, engineering, medical and logistics. Civilian applicants may apply for positions through the Civilian Personnel Services Directorate (CPSD).

In order to successfully apply for Civilian jobs in the Pakistan Army, applicants must meet certain requirements. These include: holding Pakistani nationality; having completed at least a secondary education; having a valid national identity card; and being aged between 18 and 45 years old. Additionally, applicants are required to submit documents such as their academic qualifications, work experience details, character certificates and references from two respected persons during the recruitment process.

  • Telephone supervisor
  • Cook
  • Technician
  • Plumber
  • Fixer
  • Driver
  • Army mess in-charge
  • Sanitary worker
  • Lineman
  • Draft man
  • Clerk

The aforementioned positions are not all posted together. You must take the initiative to find out whether there are any openings by reading the newspaper every day or visiting the website for Pak Army Civilian Jobs.

How to Register For Join Pak Army After Matric

If you recently graduated from Matric and are interested in joining the Pak Army, there are a few steps that you take to ensure that you are successfully registered. Here is a guide on how to register for Join Pak Army after Matric:

1. Go online and visit the Pak Army website where you can start the registration process by submitting your contact information, educational qualifications, and other required documents . How to Join Pakistan Army

2. After registering online, wait for the official response from the recruiting team with further instructions regarding physical tests, medical check-ups and other formalities.

3. Once all required documents submitted, attend an interview at one of the nearest Pakistan Army Selection Centers near your area. Duringthe interview, you asked several questions related to your educational background, interests and other relevant topics.

4. If you successfully pass the interview, you can then appear for the written test which covers subjects like English, Maths and General Knowledge. Passing this test is necessary in order to move forward in the application process.

5. After passing the written exam, you need to attend the physical tests at the recruitment center where your height, weight and physical abilities assessed by Army personnel.

6. Finally, if you are declared medically fit after all tests and interviews, you receive a joining letter which includes details about when and where to report for duty.

Final Thoughts

Both men and women who are citizens of Pakistan can find employment in the army. You have a fantastic chance to serve your nation by enlisting in one of the best militaries in the world. The Pakistani army is renowned for its dedication to duty and professionalism. A sizable number of students apply each year to join the Pakistani army, and this number is rising. The professionalism of the Pakistan Army praised by even the cadets from friendly nations the opportunity to learn at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA).


It important to note that there are certain restrictions placed on candidates joining the Pakistani army. These include: no criminal record; no involvement in politics or religious extremism; no prior experience; and passing both written and physical tests.



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