Pakistan’s First Smart Weather Portal With Advanced Features Launched

The introduction of Pakistan’s first smart weather platform aims to address climate change and lower the risk of natural disasters.The platform, a result of a partnership between Linked Things, Pak Weather, and Karachi Weather Updates, strives to safeguard lives and property by providing sophisticated weather forecasting and monitoring capabilities.

The Pakistan’s First Smart Weather Portal officially launched during event Karachi.The previous country’s top meteorologist, Tauseef Alam, well as meteorologists Owais Haider, Faizan Khan, Sofia Hasnain, Najaf Haider, Malik Mudassar, Ansar Hashmi, Muhammad Haseeb, Naila Zaryab, and Syed Zeeshan attended the event, hosted at a local hotel.The Smart Weather Portal commended by many present at the opening ceremony, who noted that climate change has increased the relevance and use of meteorology and environmental research.

Pakistan’s First Smart Weather Portal With Advanced Features Launched

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They observed that it now essential for both business and daily life to monitor the weather. expressed confidence that Pakistan, and Karachi particular,  benefit greatly from the Smart Weather Portal.Over 20 air quality sensors  deployed and turned on across Karachi as part of the Smart Weather help the monitoring of the city’s air quality.16 contemporary weather stations  also placed across Karachi. the near future, anticipated that thousands of such gadgets introduced nationwide.cutting-edge technology help combat climate change and reduce the likelihood of natural catastrophes, eventually helping save individuals’ lives property.

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