Plant Breeders Rights Registry Jobs 2023 | Online Procedure of Applications

nPlant Breeders Rights Registry Jobs 2023 are announced by the Plant Breeding Registry, a Government of Pakistan institution working under the Ministry of National Food Security and Research. These jobs are available at its Head Office in Islamabad.

PBRR invites applications from eligible Pakistani nationals who wish to join them as employees. The Plant Breeders Rights Registry is offering several job opportunities in various fields such as Plant Breeding, Plant Protection, Plant Registration and Plant Quarantine, among others.

Applicants must be educated according to the job specification mentioned for each post. Those applicants meeting all necessary qualifications can apply online through the official website of Plant Breeders Rights Registry ( Here you will find information

Details Of Plant Breeders Rights Registry Jobs 2023

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Plant Breeders Rights Registry Jobs 2023 | Online Procedure of Applications

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Vacant Positions:

  • Farash
  • Lower Division Clerks
  • Naib Qasid
  • Sanitary Workers
  • Steno Typists
  • Technical Assistants

Plant Breeders Rights Registry Introduction:

(PBPR) was established by the Plant Variety Protection Office (PVPO) in the Department of Agriculture to provide a secure and centralized registry for (PBR). The PBR is an intellectual property right that grants exclusive rights to a Plant Breeder for their newly developed Plant Varieties. Plant Breeders are granted exclusive rights over their Plant Varieties, including the production, sale, marketing and distribution of any Plant Variety registered with PBPR. This protects Plant Breeding investments and ensures Plant Breeders can commercially benefit from their innovation.

PBPR provides access to a central database containing all the details relating to registered Plant Varieties, including descriptions, pedigrees and information regarding the grant of Plant Breeder’s Rights. Plant Breeders are also able to search for Plant Varieties by Plant Variety name, Plant Breeder’s Name or Plant Breeder’s Right number.

PBPR is the best way to protect Plant Breeding investments and make sure Plant Breeders can commercially benefit from their innovation. Provides a secure online system that allows Plant Breeders to manage their Plant Varieties easily, quickly and efficiently. PBPR also streamlines the process of registering new Plant Varieties with PVPO, so Plant Breeders can get started on protecting their rights as soon as possible. It is an essential tool for all professional Plant Breeders.


The Plant Breeders Rights Registry (PBRS) is a global effort to protect the rights of plant breeders, and was founded in 1993. The PBRS is headquartered in Rome, Italy and has offices in more than 60 countries. Pakistan is one of the founding members of the PBRS and was instrumental in its establishment. Pakistan’s Vision for the PBRS is to be a leading organization responsible for promoting and safeguarding the rights of plant breeders around the world.

Our Mission is to provide effective support to plant breeders through education, advocacy, resources, and services. We want to help plant breeders build successful businesses while upholding their intellectual property rights.We are committed to working with our partners throughout the region to create a positive impact on agricultural productivity and food security. Our goal is to make sure that everyone involved in agriculture can benefit from improved crop varieties and sustainable farming practices.

How To Apply?

The (PBPR) is currently recruiting for the 2023 intake of staff. If you are interested in joining the PBPR, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the application process and make sure you meet all requirements.

To apply for a job at PBPR, here’s what you need to do:

  • Online applications are being accepted by PBRR through the NJP at Candidates that fulfil the criteria should register and submit their applications within 15 days.
  • Create an account on the PBPR website by providing your contact information and answering a few questions about your background and experience.
  • Read through all job postings carefully to select one that matches your experience and qualifications.
  • Submit an online application form along with any additional necessary documents such as transcripts or other evidence of educational certifications/experience. Receive confirmation of your application and wait to contacted by PBPR for an interview.
  • Participate in the interview process and provide any additional materials that requested.
  • Await a final decision from the hiring team about your employment status.

Following these steps can help you land a job at PBPR in 2023. Make sure to stay informed of any changes or updates to the rules and regulations during the recruitment period, as they may affect your application. Good luck


What is the Plant Breeders Rights Registry (PBR)?

The Plant Breeders Rights Registry (PBR) is a global system that provides farmers and breeders with the exclusive right to register plant varieties they develop. This system helps to ensure that plant varieties are available to all and provides a reliable system for tracking and tracing varieties. The PBR first established in 1987 and currently operated by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Pakistan became a member of the PBR in 2016.

Why did Pakistan join the PBR?

Pakistan joined the PBR to support agricultural diversity and improve access to quality crop varieties. By registering plant varieties, Pakistani farmers can ensure that their products are identifiable and protected from unauthorized use. Additionally, registration provides information about plant variety origins that can  used for research purposes. Joining the PBR also allows Pakistani authorities to better monitor and regulate the country’s crop industry.

Why was the PBR created in Pakistan?

The PBR created in Pakistan because there was a lack of protection for plant variety rights in that country. Prior to the PBR, plant breeders could not legally protect their intellectual property without risk of lawsuits from other parties. The PBR provides a way for plant breeders to protect their intellectual property while still allowing others access to their varieties if they need them.

What are some benefits of using the PBR in Pakistan?

The benefits of using the PBR include:
-Protection for plant variety rights
-Access to variety data for research purposes
– easier legal management of plant variety rights
– Increased crop yields due to improved Seed technology innovation.

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