PO BOX 3255 Islamabad Jobs 2023 at Public Sector Organization

Different Job Vacancies are offered by Public Sector Organization in Pakistan. People with both new and experience are welcome to apply. The advertising includes further information about the Most Recent PO Box 3255 Islamabad Jobs 2023 Apply Online.

Both men and women may apply for these positions. The most recent degree requires a first division, and only one second division is admissible throughout a student’s academic career.

Detail of PO BOX 3255 Islamabad Jobs 2023

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PO BOX 3255 Islamabad Jobs 2023 Advertisement

PO BOX 3255 Islamabad Jobs 2023 at Public Sector Organization

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Vacant Position:

Post Name: Scientific Officer SPS-8

  • Education: MSc or BS Hons in Physics
  • Salary: 80,000 Per Month (58,000 Basic Salary)
  • Age Limit: 18-35 Years

Atomic Energy Commission Introduction:

The Atomic Energy Commission in Pakistan (AEC) is a government agency responsible for the development and regulation of nuclear power in the country. It was established in 1956 with the goal of promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear technology for the benefit of Pakistan. The AEC is responsible for the construction and operation of nuclear power plants, as well as the research and development of new technologies related to nuclear energy. It also oversees the regulation and safety of nuclear facilities, ensuring that they are operated in accordance with international standards. The AEC plays a critical role in helping Pakistan meet its energy needs while also advancing the country’s scientific and technological capabilities.

Public Sector Organization Job Importance:

Pakistan is a developing country and its public sector organizations play a vital role in its economy. These organizations provide employment to a large number of people and contribute significantly to the country’s GDP.

The public sector organizations also play an important social role in Pakistan. They are responsible for providing essential services to the people and ensuring that the country’s infrastructure is developed and maintained. In addition, these organizations also help to promote economic growth and development by investing in various sectors of the economy.

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How To Apply ?

Attach the following documents with the form and send them to the following address.

  • CNIC Copy
  • Domicile Copy
  • Academics Copies

ADDRESS : Sr. Est Officer PO BOX 3255 Islamabad


Governmental agencies such as national governments, national agricultural research institutes, publicly supported international agriculture research institutes, and publicly financed educational institutions are considered public sector organizations.
What are the examples of public sector?
Public goods and governmental services including the military, law enforcement, infrastructure, public transit, public education, together with health care and those employed by the government itself, such as elected politicians, are all considered to be part of the public sector.
What is the function of public sector organization?
It offers the general public services including law enforcement, national defense, public transportation, transit infrastructure, educational institutions, and health services that contribute to social well-being. The public sector, in contrast to the private sector, does not aim to generate a profit from its services.
 These are 4 types (1) Departmental Undertaking; (2) Statutory (or Public) Corporation, and (3) Government Company.
Who is called public sector?


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