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Push Notifications

Do you like getting notifications for your job alerts? If so, then you’re probably happy to know that you can turn them on and off from your phone settings. But if you don’t want to receive them, there’s a way to block them too. Blocking notifications will prevent the app from sending alerts to your phone, but it won’t stop other apps from doing the same thing.

Push notifications are a great way to keep you updated on important things. They’re perfect for jobs that require constant attention and for events that might occur suddenly. However, some people may prefer not to be constantly notified about everything. If this is the case for you, then you can disable push notifications by going to your phone’s settings and disabling the app’s notification option.

Source of Information.

Google, Facebook, and Newspapers are our main sources of information. use these sources to gather information about Organizations. We also test different sources to see which one is the best source for us.

We respect our visitors and your privacy is important to us.

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