Punjab Population Welfare Department NTS Jobs 2023

The Punjab Population Welfare Department is offering NTS jobs for 2023. The department is looking to fill the posts of Psychologist and Junior Clerk. Aspiring applicants must fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the Punjab Population Welfare Department in order to be considered for these positions.

Candidates who wish to apply must have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or equivalent qualification along with two years of experience in relevant field. Additionally, Junior Clerk post requires Matriculation or comparable level qualification and knowledge of MS Office and IT related skills from recognized institutions.

Applicants should be Punjab domiciled and not more than 25 years old for the Psychologist position and 28 years old for the position of Junior Clerk as per Punjab Government’

Details of Punjab Population Welfare Department 

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Punjab Population Welfare Department NTS Jobs 2023

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Vacant Position:

  • Psychologist ( BS -17)
  • Junior Clerk ( BS – 11)

Required Qualification & Experience:

  • MSc / BS ( 4 years) in Psychology / Applied Psychology / Clinical Psychology
  • Intermediate with 25 wpm typing speed / Proficient in MS Office

Punjab Population Welfare Department NTS

Punjab Population Welfare Department NTS (NTS) is one of the important departments in the Punjab government. The department is responsible for providing welfare benefits to the citizens of Punjab.

The NTS offers a number of welfare services to its citizens. The department provides pensions, food security, health care, education and employment opportunities to its citizens. The department also provides housing assistance and credit facilities to its citizens.

The NTS is a well-organized department with a strong team of officers and employees. The department has a wide range of responsibilities and activities that ensure the welfare of its citizens.

Punjab Population Welfare Department Introduction:

The Punjab Population Welfare Department (PPWD) is a department of the Punjab Government in Pakistan. It is dedicated to promoting population welfare, health education, and family planning programs across Punjab Province. Established in 1990, the PPWD works with local governments and other stakeholders to raise awareness about issues related to population growth and its impacts on sustainable development.

In addition to providing information and increasing awareness through campaigns, seminars, workshops and media outreach initiatives, the PPWD also focuses on capacity building in order to ensure that policy change and implementation work together towards a common goal. To this end, it provides training programs for professionals who are involved in different aspects of population welfare management.

How To Apply?

The Population Welfare Department of Punjab is inviting applications for a range of jobs through the National Testing Service (NTS). If you are interested in applying, here are some important points to keep in mind:

(1) Collect all the details and documents required for the application process. These may include your educational documents, CNIC/B-form, experience certificates (if applicable) and two passport size photographs.

(2) Visit the official website of NTS – http://www.nts.org.pk – to apply online or download an application form if you prefer to submit a paper copy instead.

(3) Fill out the form with correct information and attach all the necessary documents.

(4) Pay the application fee via bank deposit or credit/debit card according to your preference.

(5) Submit your application within the specified time frame. You can either submit it online on NTS’ website or send a paper copy through post to NTS Headquarters, 1-E, Street No 46, I-8/2, Islamabad.

(6) Once your application has been received by NTS, you will be sent an acknowledgement email containing your roll number and other important details related to the test process.


What type of questions are asked in NTS test?

NTS Practice Test
  • The test is divided into three sections: English, Mathematical Reasoning, and Analytical Reasoning.
  • Each MCQ has four choices (A, B, C, D). Only one choice should be chosen.
  • For the right answer, shade the circles using a black or blue ballpoint pen.
  • The answers are given for your help.

How many attempts are there for NTS?

3 opportunities
The NTSTM tests are given to candidates three times a year, giving them a maximum of three opportunities to pass. Candidates who are awaiting results are not eligible. A minimum score of 50% needed to pass the assessment test.

* Full-face exposure pictures of all applicants must submitted. Sending anything other than the genuine bank deposit slip prohibited.

How do I send an email to NTS?

Please submit your scanned passport-size photo to [email protected] or your original deposit slip (NTS copy) to [email protected]. If you include a suitable photograph and your Form No., CNIC, Project Name, and Postal Service or Paper Type, your email not processed.

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