Punjab School Education Department Issues Smog SOPs

Due to the smog and Air Quality Index AQI, Punjab School Education Department has issued SOPs for all public and private schools. To implement these guidelines and sops in schools, the department Punjab School Education Department  has sent a letter to all district CEOs.

Official Notification Smog SOPs for Schools in Punjab

Punjab School Education Department Issues Smog SOPs

Smog SOPs for Punjab School Education Department

Due to the deteriorating Air Quality Index (ADO and SMOG) across the Province, all students, teachers, and school staff must wear FACE MASKS while on school grounds. In this context, the following actions may also be taken.

  • Wearing of Face Mask is compulsory for teachers and students
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Use glasses
  • Reduction in outdoor activities
  • No burning of waste material
  • No rubbing of eyes
  • The sprinkling of water in dusty areas/ground

It is further requested that heads of all public and private schools issue the necessary instructions to ensure strict adherence to the aforementioned directions/instructions in letter and spirit under notification to this department. This request comes from senior management of PSED.

In the meantime, the Lahore High Court has mandated that the Punjab Government cut the number of working days in schools from seven to four, plus three weekly holidays.

But Murad Raas has refuted claims that he announced holidays. Visit the ensuing article for more information.

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