State -of-art Teachers Training Institute will be established

Mr. Ehsan Iqbal, the federal minister for planning, development, and special initiatives, announced the opening of State -of-art Teachers a cutting-edge institute for teacher training in the federal capital. While leading a roundtable that the Ministry of Planning had organized, he made the announcement. He expressed his views and stated that, after the curriculum, “State -of-art Teachers ” most crucial, but regrettably, this never taken into consideration. Several education experts participated in the discussion and shared their thoughts with the minister.

In order to establish State -of-art Teachers Training a cutting-edge institute in Islamabad that will serve as a model for other provinces, the federal minister sought the advice of education experts. He claimed that after 50 years, little had changed in terms of teaching methods and educational practises.

The minister advised us to modernise the madaris and system of evaluation in addition to changing the curriculum and teaching methods. The curriculum needs to be changed because improving education results in greater national prosperity. In order to prepare students to be responsible citizens, he continued, teachers must serve as learning managers and socially develop their students.

He also mentioned that earlier administrations had worked on a Single National Curriculum (SNC) for the elementary level. However, Minister claimed that the curriculum presented a negative image of our national heroes. “In the curriculum, they portrayed as being ill rather than  celebrated for their accomplishments in the sub-content.

Further, he expresses his dissatisfaction with the curriculum and instruction modifications. He claimed that the old traditional methods of education used in our society. To modernise our educational system, we ought to propose fresh concepts and changes. Only then can we rival the Modern World.

According to Mr. Ehsan Iqbal, the Ministry of Education four projects in 2013 while the PML-N was in power, but regrettably, those projects are not moving forward. He requested the experts to develop precise objectives and suggestions for the reforms. He gave stakeholders his word that the Planning Ministry would still approve the project for this training institute notwithstanding the current financial crisis.

State -of-art Teachers Training Institute will be established in Capital

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