Twitter Search Results Now Show Stock and Crypto Prices

Twitter has taken a bold step in making investing data more accessible to its users. The social media platform recently announced that Twitter search results now show stock and crypto prices when users type in the name of these assets. This feature is aimed at helping Twitter’s users stay up-to-date on financial news, regardless of all the chaos that is occurring on Twitter’s timelines.

Twitter Search Results Now Show Stock and Crypto Prices

The new Twitter feature works by displaying real-time pricing data for listed stocks and digital currencies right alongside regular tweets. This will allow Twitter users to find the most relevant information about their investments without having to go through multiple websites or apps. For example, if someone were interested in learning more about Bitcoin, they can simply type “Bitcoin” into Twitter’s search bar andthe Twitter search results will display the latest Bitcoin price alongside tweets about the digital currency.Twitter Search Results Now Show

In addition to real-time pricing data, Twitter users can also easily access detailed information about their investments through Twitter’s new feature. For example, if someone interested in purchasing shares of a particular company, Twitter’s search results provide them with the company’s stock symbol and its current market capitalization.

The branding in the image shows that Twitter is obtaining data from TradingView, as app analyst Jane Manchun Wong noted. It’s unclear if the social media business will collaborate commercially with TradingView or Robinhood. The list of stock price symbols that included to the website’s search results not made clear by Twitter. In the upcoming weeks, it pledges to enhance user convenience and increase symbol compatibility.

As of the time of writing, the Twitter search didn’t provide the stock prices for businesses like Zoom ($ZM) and Airbnb ($ABNB).

Chaos at Twitter

It has been a hectic few months for Twitter since Musk took control of the organisation. The business swiftly deleted from its website a rule that forbade connections and usernames to social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Mastadon. The business recently unveiled Blue for Business, which enables organisations to distinguish their staff members and branding with a separate badge.

Elon Musk also conducted a survey asking people whether they wanted him to leave his position as CEO. 57% voted in favour. “I will quit as CEO as soon as I find someone naive enough to assume the position,” Musk then tweeted. I will then just be in charge of the software and servers teams.

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