Winter Vacation 28th Dec 2022 to 6th Jan 2023 in NFEIs Punjab

The Winter Vacation 28th Dec 2022 in all schools of the Literacy and Non-Formal Education Department (NFEIs) in Punjab, has been announced from 28th December 2022 to 6th January 2023. All government and private schools under this department will remain closed due to the harsh winter weather and cold temperatures.

During this time, students advised to stay at home and enjoy their vacation with family members and friends. This is a great opportunity for children to find ways of enjoying their holiday break such as playing outdoor sports, going on trips, or engaging in other fun activities.

Parents should also ensure that while their children are having fun during the Winter Vacation they should also engage in educational activities like reading books, completing unfinished projects or playing educational games.

The Winter Vacation 28th Dec will also provide an opportunity for teachers to plan and develop better teaching plans, conduct training activities and evaluate student progress. Teachers expected to use the Winter Vacation period productively in order to prepare themselves for the next academic year.

Winter Vacation 28th Dec 2022 Official Notification

Winter Vacation 28th Dec 2022 to 6th Jan 2023 in NFEIs Punjab

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Literacy and Non Formal Education Department For Winter Vacation 28th Dec 2022


The Literacy and Non Formal Education Department pleased to announce Winter Vacation Instructions for students enrolled in its programs. These instructions designed to ensure that students make the most of their Winter break while continuing to work toward their educational goals.

During Winter Vacation, all Literacy and Non Formal Education classes suspended and no new assignments issued or due. However, it is important for students to continue working on existing assignments during this time so that they can stay on track with their learning objectives. The department encourages students to take advantage of their additional free time by participating in online courses, reading educational material, or engaging in other activities related to their chosen field of study.

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Furthermore, the Literacy and Non Formal Education Department recommends that students take time each day to review their existing assignments and plan for upcoming material. This help them stay organized, refresh knowledge of past concepts, and prepared for their Winter Vacation classes.

Finally, the department encourages all students to use Winter Vacation as an opportunity to rest and recharge from a busy academic year. Taking some time away from learning can also provide a much needed break from stress and burnout during Winter break.


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